06.May.2010 Cover Contest – Ningyou Magazine Issue 5

The winner of the Issue 5 Cover Contests photo will decide what the theme is.
Entries are due by June 15th, 2010

Entry Submission Guidelines
All entries must be 300dpi and 8.75×11.25 inches
You may pick any theme
The theme of your photo must be specified in your entry
You may submit up to 2 entries
Please submit your image as either a high quality png or jpeg

Please note: You may only submit entries that have never been published in print or on the internet. This means that it can not be on a blog, personal website, a social networking site (such as MySpace or Facebook), a photo hosting site (such as Flickr or Picasa), etc. If your photo has been previously published, it will be disqualified.

The winner’s entry will be the first magazine cover and will determine what the first theme of the photo shoot section will be. An interview with the winning photographer will also be published in the magazine.

If you are the winner, your winning photo may not be published in print or on the internet until after the magazine is in circulation. Our goal is to keep the magazine fresh, fun, and exciting!

Please email your entry and the following information to NingyouMag@dollymarket.net

Your Username:
Your photos theme:

Please let me know if you have any questions.