18.Nov.2009 Pita and Parfait Outfit Design Contest

Dolly Market is hosting a project runway like contest. You will be designing outfits for Pita and Parfait based on the theme of the challenge. There will be 5 challenges.

This is a drawing contest. So no sewing is required.

Please provide front and back views of the outfits.
You will be drawing two designs per challenge, as one outfit will be for Pita and the other Parfait.
You will have 6 days to draw and submit your designs. There will be 1 day of judging between challenges.


custom doll plush
custom cell phone charm
Bandana from Tomato’s HeadGear
Interview in the 2nd issue of Ningyou

The winning designs will be made in to outfits for Pita and Parfait by Sheepie.

Sign-Ups End on November 30th, 2009– To sign up send an email to Contests@dollymarket.net