24.Aug.2009 Dalicious Round 2 – Challenge 2

The theme is Collections.
What does your dal collect?

This challenge will run from August 25th – 30th
Entries are due by August 30th at Midnight EST
Judging will be on the 31st

–You will have 6 days to take your photo and submit it.
–There will be 1 day of judging between challenges. You can and will be disqualified if your photo is not in by the due date.
–All files should be 500×375 or 375×500.
–All files should be emailed to Dalicious@dollymarket.net with the name of the challenge and the contestants name in the subject.

Entries Received

Dals Name – Dals Owner
Ailis – Elderham
Alisha – Christopher Fritz
Berry – LittleSu
Brutus – Catsclaws
Chanterelle – Myufish

Charity – MyOwnLittleWorld
Cindel – Rain_Clouds
Cinna- DallyDoll
Cinnita – Pyochi
Coraline – Saruwarui

Dalvam – Hina Ichigo
Drta – Kookiedakat
Emilia – spaZZ
Fay – MissSunshine
Jilly – Catcraig

Katie Rose – Biku
Katsu Curry – Taquito-King
Kotono – Cianni
Mau – Yukittie
Morgan – Mckenna

Pia – Molly Dolly
Princessa – Requiem
Robin – Sugarmag123
Sophie – Zoegirl
Spencer – Ravenwcatz

Tez – Asashi
Torrent – Pinkcow
Umber – TrueFan
Valeria – BaxterBat

29 out of 33